If you can breath, you can do yoga”.

― T. Krishnamacharya

Call me or write me here and will discuss your availability and needs.

No, I don’t offer single sessions. I support you as a therapist and require a 4 to 6 weeks commitment. Consistency and repetition are the keys to integrate new habits for life! 

Your investment for this selfcare program is comparable to private psychotherapy rates. It includes:

– A consultative session (90 minutes) = $118

– Nurturing sessions (60 minutes) = $100

The 6 weeks selfcare program is only $570 (instead of $618)

When coming to you, the rate will be adjusted to the distance required and time. 

Please contact me here for more information.

It depends! Contact me here and let’s have a chat.

I teach in English and in French.

Of course, “If you can breath, you can do yoga”! Yoga provides accessible tools for everybody and every bodies. 

Yes, however keep in mind that yoga doesn’t replace a medical assistance. It is a complementary support.

Comfortable clothes, nothing fancy and a mat. If you want, you can also bring your blocks, a strap and a blanket but it is not a priority.