Mathilde Amestoy

Originally from Paris in France I have moved and settled down in Sydney with my husband in 2016. I am deeply passionate about well-being and how accessible breathing techniques and conscious movements can improve our life.

Suffering from Crohn’s disease in my mid-20’s, I have first started yoga to alleviate my pain but also to support my mental health. Amazed by the positive outcome of a yoga practice I quickly became addicted to its benefit and wanted to know more on how it works on the body and mind.

Expecting a baby girl in 2017, I took this great opportunity to be trained in the tradition of T. Krishnamacharya (often described as ‘the father of modern yoga’) and of his son TKV. Desikachar. I chose this training as their approach is therapeutic, breath-centred, and adapts to the individual. Interested by the healing aspect of yoga, that was exactly what I needed for myself and what I wanted to teach!

It took me two fascinating years to pass 500 hours of Yoga Teacher Training Diploma plus 50 hours pre and post-natal yoga training, both registered with Yoga Australia.

I am continuously expanding my knowledge with other methods like sophrology, deep relaxation, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), NVC (Nonviolent communication) to offer the most holistic and adapted tools to my clients. 

I am fascinated by the complexity/beauty of being a woman from our hormonal cycles, to body structure and mental resilience. We are amazing human beings! Given that, real life can be a bit more complicated and that is why today my mission is to assist women – often suffering with stress, anxiety or pain – with a solid selfcare support.

I have also launched my Instagram channel @happymumsyoga dedicated to women living around the world and sometimes isolated. I share selfcare inspirations, books ideas and of course lots of yoga.